Ms. LaChappelle

"I was over the moon with the service I received from Wendy. She was professional, personal, and so easy to work with. I wish I could find an agent in Walla Walla that was like Wendy."

Mr. Lyonnais

"Wendy went above and beyond anything I was expecting. She was always quick to respond to all of my questions via email and text, and was always there for us throughout the entire buying process. Even after we closed and moved into the house, she was there for us and still helped us out.

She made sure both myself and my wife were very informed and clear on every step of the process. She also went out of her way to meet us at any house we sent her that we wanted to look at.

Wendy is one of the nicest most caring people I have ever met. I would refer her to anyone."

Ms. Nordstrom

"Wendy was wonderful!"

Mr. & Mrs. Pierce

"Wendy exceeded my expectations. Wendy's patience and professionalism has provided my wife and I the opportunity to purchase our first home in early 2010 during a recession, the purchase of our second home in 2015 in an extremely competitive market, and the sale of our first home in 2015 with a significant return on our investment. Her patience during the shopping process was extraordinary. Not once did we feel like we were being pushed to make an offer, "settle," or commit if we weren't comfortable. The negotiation table is where Wendy really shined. We couldn't have been happier with our properties themselves, or our financial positions in those properties. She provided information and guidance but ultimately let us make the decisions. Wendy's industry knowledge is second to none. She was able to answer all of our questions in a way we could easily understand. Not once did we feel like we were being "sold." We will be clients of Wendy's for as long as she will have us.

Ms. Smith

"Wendy Saddler is a wonderful agent. She's professional, patient, friendly and thorough. I would definitely recommend her."

Ms. Tsang

"Wendy was great, we worked with her twice as a buyer and seller. She was also professional and willing to help. If she didn't know the answer she was happy to research the issue and get back to us."

Ms. Waggie

"Wendy knew the right people to get the house in order for sale and the house sold for much more than I imagined it would. (She reviewed 11 offers for us-many more than I thought we'd receive). I've bought and sold 2 houses before this, different agent each time. Wendy is definitely the best I've worked with."

Mr. & Mrs. Wilkison

"I was extremely satisfied. Wendy went above and beyond to find the perfect home for us- and in a busy market she was able to secure a home for us as well. With her guidance we beat out 10 other offers! Wendy is knowledgeable, intelligent, strategic, and fun to work with!"

Ms. Worley

"Couldn't have been a better experience. Wendy is super competent and very supportive."

Mr. & Mrs. Baker

"We were selling our family home after 60 years which is complicated and emotional. Wendy gently guided us through the process professionally and efficiently. We were unsure of how to price the house, so she suggested bringing in other agents for advice. She matched us with a wonderful escrow service and was present for the final signing of all papers to support us if any questions came up.

Ms. Boison

"I was extremely satisfied! Wendy was SUPER helpful and Wendy was so accommodating of our schedules and preferences. She went above and beyond to help us find our home. Wendy is OUR agent. It was truly a pleasure working with her. As buyers in such a strong seller's market, Wendy gave us hope and encouraged us to keep searching for a home that was just the right fit for us. And she helped us do just that!"

Mr. Capps

"Wendy's attention to detail, especially in the staging and prep of the house. The photos and materials were top notch. Her follow-up communications were consistently prompt and pertinent. Wendy's best skill is active, intent listening to her client at all times."

Mr. & Mrs Coates

"This is our 3rd property with Wendy. She is fabulous."

Mr. Cohen

"[Wendy was] very professional, communicative and thoughtful."

Mr. Hoffman

"Wendy kept in contact with us and discussed strategy throughout the process. She was generous with offering to help with half of the staging cost. She even attended our escrow signing. Wendy did a nice job and kept her positive perspective even with our unhelpful and rude HOA board."

Mr. & Mrs. Kiester

"Wendy is awesome! She in particular did an excellent job during the closing and walk through with the builders on our new house. All through the process she was extremely flexible as well. Finally, it's clear she has great relationships in the industry and this helped us to find the right house and win the offer. We really enjoyed working with Wendy and found the process to be much easier and less stressful due to the great relationship we had with her."

Ms. Kinner

"Wendy answered all my questions (and I had a lot of them). She has even remained a great resource to us after we closed, helping with a lien that was on the property as well as providing contacts for electricians and plumbers. I couldn't recommend her enough. We loved Wendy, she was straightforward with us and never said no. She always found a way to make anything we needed happen. She is both a wonderful agent and person and I have nothing but good things to say about her."

Ms. Kitchell

"I was very satisfied. Wendy arranged for a sewer inspection with a very tight timeline. She kept track of all the items we wanted the builder to fix and kept us informed, and then came with us for two visits to check on whether the things had been fixed."